Make A Difference

Although many scholars dispute the fact that Socrates actually said, "the unexplored life is not worth living,” to me it makes little difference, as it is the sentiment that provides the value. The real question to ask is: are you willing to become an explorer? 

One of the greatest challenges that we face in our modern world is not gaining access to information, but rather how to discern the truth from such a glut of crap. Fake news doesn’t even begin to cover the range of misinformation  misquotes, misdirection, and just plain old mistakes. I say the more important issue is how to create meaning from that nearly arbitrary mess that we now call “the global network.” 

Mine is a mission of exploration and, much like the treasures that fill the libraries and museums of the world, the only real value lies in our ability to use the meaning of their messages to create positive change in our lives. Like any source of knowledge, to achieve any lasting understanding we must first explore the "motives of meaning.” By this I mean that we a method that helps us examine, discuss, and ultimately, apply what we learn.

So, let’s help inspire each other to walk along the path of exploration, learning, and understanding, so that we can then help each other to become our best selves.                  




  • Save lives by learning how to respond to emergencies
  • Achieve the confidence of competence
  • Become that person who actually stops to help


  • Learn how to challenge the inequities that create gender bias 
  • Achieve a level of confidence that can change your life
  • Remove the barriers that cost you time, money, and  relationships


  • Understand and help create relationships between faith groups    
  • Create a perfect wedding ceremony that reflects your lifelong commitment
  • Serve others through the sharing of your best self


© Max Goelling 2018