About Us

     Our company is organized and operated as a partnership between a Veteran with over thirty-five years of military service, and a highly-capable woman who has walked the halls of banking, business, and international travel for twenty-five years. Together, we integrate our knowledge of relationships, our various talents, and our ability to understand the needs of others to create those SPECIAL experiences that will be remembered forever.



Debra Goelling

A native Oregonian, Debra brings a love for the outdoors, a lifelong interest in gardening, and an environmental approach to being a good Earth steward. Her focus has always been on providing exceptional customer service and she has proven this by delivering world-class financial services during her 23 years in both international and local banking. She understands how excellent organizational skills can make the difference between the success and failure of relationships, businesses, and projects. Like the gardens that she creates and nurtures, Debra knows that relationships require the same care & feeding that plants do. Her refined sense of intuition and years of experience allows her to understand how best to accomplish this.

Max Goelling

As a self-confessed “hopeless academic,” Max has spent the better part of his last 25 years walking the halls of many ivory towers. Holding every degree from Associate to Doctorate, Max is a firm believer in the ability of education to change people’s lives. Emergency medicine, business, financial literacy, and religion are a but a few of the fields that Max studies, teaches, and shares. As a military-trained Physician Assistant, ordained minister, and master teacher, he feels equally at home providing emergency medical care, solving clinical medical challenges, or walking the halls of academia. Be it in classrooms, churches, or a roadside collision, Max is prepared to help. And oh, by the way, he is also an awesome dinner party guest!

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