Why is it that if a woman takes the same car with the same mechanical issue to the same mechanic the charges are higher? Is this fair? Of course not.

     So, is it simply a question of unscrupulous mechanics? Probably not. Rather, maybe it has more to do with the woman feeling powerless because she doesn’t know which questions to ask. Enter THE FRAMIS syndrome.

     Sure, it’s a made-up word and yes, I do explain its origins in the book but, the KEY is really what it represents: the lack of a complete understanding that leads to an unfair situation.

Here’s the solution:


     A simple, easy-to-read automotive awareness guide that will make you laugh, cry, but most importantly, understand enough about these things that we drive around. Yes, we always expect them to start, run, and stop flawlessly and yet, they don’t. And when they don’t you MUST have enough basic knowledge to identify the problem, know what can be done about it, and which questions to ask so that the charges are as reasonable as possible.

     For the small sum of $10.95 (plus, a bit for S & H), you can save yourself endless headaches, hundreds of dollars, and hours of visiting the wrong places.






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