It is our belief that the sacred is found in all of us and regardless of which faith path you choose to follow, there are those moments in life when it can help to have someone guide you through both the joyful and the tragic. One of the great joys of our lives occurs when we make the choice to share our path with someone else. Whether it is a first wedding, a vow-renewal, or a new wedding, we are here to help you create an event that you will remember forever. 

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     As we truly believe in the inclusionary nature of both our past and current spiritual guides, we have consciously chosen to not discriminate against anyone based on their religious beliefs, gender, age, or political views. As Unitarians, we believe in the inherent value of all human beings, the power of truth, and in the equitable and compassionate treatment of others. Ours has always been a quest for understanding and meaning and, as an educational organization, our goal is to help others as they create and walk their paths through life.

     We are both students and teachers and ours is a journey of meaning based on respect for the views of others, the ethical treatment of all, a desire to cherish our planet, and the never-ending search for peace. 

Let us help you with your search.

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