Our customers spoke, and we listened. 

One of the most common requests on our Evaluation forms is to ask us to shorten our classes. Yes, the Red Cross allows us to modify the length of our classes and we are more than willing to do that but, what we will not do is compromise the quality of the education that our students receive. So, we went back to the drawing board and created the Everyone’s Busy Program (EBP). Here’s how it works:

     Choose a class from the list below. We then create a pathway that     combines an online portion with a review-skills evaluation class. You complete the first part ON YOUR SCHEDULE and then we find the best time for you to show us what you have learned. 

Same certification, less cost, and more flexible! 

As you can see, we design our classes to be personalized experiences that reflect the needs of our students which is what makes us different. Our goal is to bring “real life” into the classroom experience, rather than those “just-pay-and-then-you-are-certified” programs. We know that the ability to really save lives relies on three things:

  • Knowing WHAT to do
  • WHEN to do it and,
  • Why it needs to be YOU!