Somebody famous once said that, “free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it.”

     Because we have spent thousands of hours in the halls of academia, the business world, and the nonprofit sector, we bring a wealth of education and experience to every class, speaking engagement, and wedding ceremony. Our objective is simple: help our customers create a path that leads to new horizons.




     Our philosophy here at NPA is a bit different than all of the “pay a fee and get certified” Internet offerings. We believe that to be fully prepared to render aid or, to save someone’s life, you MUST do more than just watch a few videos, pass a test, and then enter your credit card information. When someone is injured, experiencing a cardiac emergency, or choking, you must act quickly and effectively. These situations are extremely STRESSFUL and to truly learn what it takes to save someone’s life, you need an instructor who can create a scenario-based learning environment that recreates some of that stress of an emergency situation. This allows you to learn how to act quickly, yet calmly. One of the key components of all of our classes is PSYCHOLOGICAL First Aid. This is an approach that our instructors have mastered over years of responding to medical emergencies and that cannot be duplicated by an online experience.

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Stop allowing others to control your life and your wallet! Getting your car repaired may seem like a trivial matter until its’ time to pay and you realize that your bill is much higher than it would be were you a man.

Grab a copy of our book, “Sorry Lady, But It’s the Framis! and arm yourself to win the auto repair game!


COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM: Each of the above classes are two-hour presentations. The entire program (all three sections) is a five-hour class and can be divided into two sessions. The cost for each individual class is $95 and the comprehensive program is $250. All classes are portable and can be presented at the location of your choice (within a 30-mile radius of Winston-Salem, NC).



     From book clubs to more formal events, Max designs and delivers words that reflect a PASSION for sharing and that inspire everyone in the audience. Using stories, cultural observations, and years of academic experiences, he helps you create a NEW PATH built on "Confidence through Competence.” As our guiding principle, we focus on the empowering results of establishing clear and measurable objectives, developing a plan to achieve them, and then TAKING ACTION. 

     To maximize the impact of the event, each speaking engagement is customized based on the needs of the audience. One-hour presentations are $125, and, depending on the venue, can include PowerPoint slides, handouts, and reminder cards. Longer engagements are priced based on length and complexity.



     Few events carry as much significance as a wedding. This is a day that the bride and groom will remember FOREVER and therefore, effective planning is essential. We offer several packages that help address the many details of the memorable ceremony. Our goal is to help you create the PERFECT day by reducing as much stress as possible. 

     Knowing that some couples prefer pre-marital counseling as they move forward, our gold and platinum packages include this option. 

SILVER PACKAGE: Includes the rehearsal, assistance with vow preparation, and the ceremony - $350 (plus mileage)

GOLD PACKAGE: Includes all of the above plus, musical choice discussions, customized vow creation, and one hour of pre-marital counseling - $500 (plus mileage)

PLATINUM PACKAGE: Includes all of the above plus wedding-day coordination - $1000 (plus mileage)

All other counseling and instructional events priced by complexity, time, and research level. 


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