How We Are Different

Our philosophy here at Real World EMS is very different from the “pay a fee and get certified” Internet offerings. We believe that to be fully prepared to save someone’s life, you MUST do more than just entering your credit card information, watching a few videos, and then passing a multiple-try test. 

When someone is injured, bleeding, experiencing a cardiac emergency, or choking, you must act quickly and effectively. These situations are extremely STRESSFUL and to learn the proven techniques needed to save someone’s life, you need an experienced instructor to help guide you. Someone who has been “ on the streets” and who can design learning scenarios that recreate some of that stress. Someone who can help you learn how to act quickly, yet calmly. 

One of the key components of all of our classes is PSYCHOLOGICAL First Aid. This is a key element of providing care that our instructors have mastered over many years of responding to medical emergencies, both on the battlefield and on the streets. They know that when someone is hurt and you want to help, you must first address the FEAR that comes from not being in complete control of the situation. The ability to remain calm and show compassion when someone is hurt, or who fears for their life, is nearly as important as being able to use relevant skills to care for their wounds. The only way to master this skill is through the confidence that comes from a quality educational experience and from learning how to effectively function under stress. We know that the integration of these two components CANNOT be duplicated by an online experience.